Health and Wellness brings stress reduction tips to upperclassmen

A presentation on reducing stress was presented to juniors and seniors as one of a series of different talks concerning various health and wellness topics.


Lisabelle Panossian

Attendees listen to Dummel as they view her presentation listing stress reduction methods. Juniors and seniors also did breathing exercises and meditation in order to bring the stress reduction process to life.

Lisabelle Panossian, Web & Social Media Editor

Juniors and seniors filled the Den and received a presentation on methods for stress today with finals week being two weeks away.

“It’s good to know how to meditate, escape my thoughts and find peace,” senior Kristin Weinman said. “Coming in and listening to stress relieving methods is helpful for me and everyone else.”

Marriage and Family Therapist Ruth Dummel handed out her contact information and a small card addressing five methods of relieving stress — including deep breathing, physical activity, meditation, support and an action plan.

“It’s helpful to have as many tools as possible to lower stress,” Dummel said.

Attendees shared their own experiences with stress and what relaxation methods they will use in the future to combat their anxieties. The most common methods mentioned were deep breathing and more physical activity.

“Sometimes you just need to step back, breathe and just tell yourself that it’s going to be okay and you can get through it,” Weinman said.