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Using less social media may be better than none at all

Using less social media may be better than none at all
December 14, 2020

WEB EXCLUSIVE What started out as an easy way to connect with friends, follow influencers and meet new people can turn into an unhealthy obsession, with screen time adding up to multiple hours a day and...

Pandemic fuels substance dependency

Pandemic fuels substance dependency
Underage drinking has dangerous, long-term consequences
October 29, 2020

Day-to-day living in a pandemic-overrun world has become characterized by a consistent lull. Lacking the business of a pre-COVID-19 daily routine and experiencing overwhelming senses of isolation, some...

‘Bonjour-ney’ towards language proficiency

‘Bonjour-ney’ towards  language proficiency
Online tools can help develop conjugation, memorization skills
October 26, 2020

With the new block schedule that has a different two classes taught approximately every four and a half weeks,, students in modern and classical language classes are using new tools to asynchronously practice...

Revered painting was the first of many 

The final “Mater” painting depicts Mary pausing in reflection while she gazes upwards at God as she completes her weaved garment. “Mater in the House of Saint John” was painted by Pauline Perdrau in 1883, but the original is lost.
‘Mater’ fresco was evolved during artist’s lifetime
October 22, 2020

The “Mater” painting that hangs in Sacred Heart schools around the world was the first of nine other portraits of Mary that Pauline Perdrau created throughout her life, with each varying in color and...

Youth engage in democracy

With a new election season, the road to the White House becomes increasingly confusing for youth attempting to navigate this complex year. Cartoon by Art Editor Marisa Donovan.
Millions of Gen-Zers become eligible to vote by Nov. 3
September 25, 2020

With the 2020 election less than 50 days away in a year of chaos and challenge due to the pandemic and racial injustice, Generation Z is stepping up as a new variety of public servants in a new era of...

Keeping it SWEET

Senior Isabel Hoppmann recaps  tips from expert entrepreneurs. She shared what she found most valuable from her previous interviews.
Senior starts business to encourage young entrepreneurs
September 24, 2020

Even as a young girl, senior Isabel Hoppmann longed to be an entrepreneur. Now, she is taking her interest further by establishing her own company to give young girls the tools to start businesses.  Her...

Voter representation under consideration

With a new election season, the road to the White House becomes increasingly confusing for youth attempting to navigate this complex year. Cartoon by Art Editor Marisa Donovan.
As candidates race to 270, some question Electoral College
September 24, 2020

In the five instances in United States history in which the candidate who won the presidency gained the majority of electoral votes needed to win despite failing to gain the majority of the popular vote,...

Double trouble

California residents face challenges presented by both wildfires and COVID-19.
Wildfire smoke produces additional complications to COVID-19
September 24, 2020

Wildfire smoke, which can be harmful to the lungs, can also intensify a person’s reaction to COVID-19 as it irritates the lungs and damages the immune system which can make a person more susceptible...

Routine-ing through quarantine

Healthy habits, structured routines can create sense of normalcy for students
August 20, 2020

WEB EXCLUSIVE Wakeup, brush teeth, get dressed, coffee. Many students' daily routine begins with some variation of this chorus of activities, however, the shelter-in-place order has left students without...

Puppy pals help combat isolation, loneliness from shelter-in-place

Pet adoptions surge during quarantine
August 19, 2020

With the continued shelter-in-place order, many San Franciscans are looking at adoption agencies to invite the presence of a furry friend into their hearts and homes to combat feelings of isolation and...

Pick me!

Local farms allow customers to gather their own fruit
June 3, 2020

On weekends when temperatures are in the 90’s, families can escape to U-pick farms where they can collect cherries, peaches and other fruit.    Farms encourage customers to wear masks, social distance...

Communities Connect

Neighbor friends find one of the crocheted emojis Simone Mar and Kiley Mar created and hid throughout the Forest Hill neighborhood. Throughout the city, neighbors are creating activities that are safe during the shelter in place.
Neighbors unite while social distancing
May 20, 2020

To cope with stress, anxiety and isolation due to the shelter-in-place order, San Francisco residents are finding ways to come together and lift spirits with block dance parties, scavenger hunts and daily...

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