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Editorial: This is Trump’s America, and it is crumbling

The United States Capitol in Washington, D.C. is viewed from the balcony of the former Newseum on the National Mall on Nov. 24, 2019. Insurrectionists broke into the Capitol  during a Joint Session of Congress as Vice President Mike Pence received the Electoral College votes on Jan. 6, 2021.
Democracy threatened in heart of nation after violence ensues
January 6, 2021

WEB EXCLUSIVE Today was the most shocking day for the American people since Sept. 11, 2001 – our generation’s most striking equivalent so far. But instead of foreign terrorism threatening our country,...

Call out catcalling

Call out catcalling
Everyone needs to stand up to verbal harassment
December 14, 2020

WEB EXCLUSIVE Having a male stranger whistle and leer at a girl in her uniform skirt is often perceived as a norm and almost an inherent guarantee — like a girl having her first period or wearing her...

Make responsible choices when returning to school

When returning to in-person learning, maintain six feet of distance at school and keep masks on.
The possibility of in-person learning causes concern for staying open after return
October 26, 2020

Once school returns to in-person learning, seeing classmates on campus may feel like a reversion to old habits and social norms, however, an action as simple as giving a friend a hug could force the school...

Testing the waters

Standardized testing in college admissions can create an unfair advantages.
Standardized testing can provide unfair advantages in applications
September 24, 2020

With the pause on standardized testing due to COVID-19 magnifying the role of the SAT and ACT in college admissions, universities should consider the realities of financial inequality when deciding whether...

We may never understand, but united we stand

We may never understand, but united we stand
Now is the time for action against systemic oppression
June 2, 2020

WEB EXCLUSIVE A flood of virtual and real-life protests have surfaced in the days since the death of George Floyd, an African-American man who died after former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin...

Editorial: Consider others and stay home

Editorial: Consider others and stay home
March 16, 2020

WEB EXCLUSIVE Leaving the house to meet up with friends or inviting classmates over to complete homework assignments may seem harmless for teenagers who are not as likely to suffer complications from COVID-19,...

Reducing, reusing — but not recycling

Reducing, reusing — but not recycling
Buying reusable items are a better option to compostable plastic
February 14, 2020

Labeling products as “biodegradable” or “compostable” is a great marketing tool for brands trying to avoid public scrutiny, but eco-friendly consumers choosing to buy these products may be giving...

Video massacres journalists’ rights

Gruesome video depicts fake Trump massacring political opponents and news organizations. The video was shown at a conference in Miami for Trump supporters at President Trump’s Doral resort in Miami.
Violent video screened at pro-Trump conference in Miami depicts fake Trump murdering news organizations
October 14, 2019

WEB EXCLUSIVE A video parody of President Trump violently massacring major media outlets and his political opponents was screened at a conference in Miami held by a pro-Trump organization, according to...

Digging deeper

Digging deeper
Victims deserve unbiased investigations
April 4, 2019

As victims of sexual harassment and assault come forward in the wake of the #MeToo movement, third-party organizations should be brought on to college campuses to help schools thoroughly and unbiasedly...

Zero waste, zero change

Zero waste, zero change
The City of San Francisco has the goal of becoming a zero waste city by 2020, but with only two years left, it seems impossible unless major changes revolving around sorting waster are made, including within the Convent & Stuart Hall community.
February 9, 2018

San Francisco had a diversion rate of 52 percent as of 2001, with over half of the waste generated was either recycled or composted, according to the San Francisco Department of the Environment. Former...

Following in the footsteps of school’s founder

Following in the footsteps of school's founder
November 2, 2017

When St. Madeline Sophie Barat founded the Society of the Sacred Heart in 1801, she proclaimed her mission to teach young girls in a world where gender parity in education was non-existent. Her efforts...

Teen acne sparks issues with confidence and looks

Teen acne sparks issues with confidence and looks
February 3, 2017

Lizzie Bruce While almost all students get acne at some point due to puberty, genetics or environmental triggers, harsh stigma and lack of media representation can make acne-stricken teens feel abnormal...

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