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Latin students attend Ludi Novembers virtually

Latin Students took quizzes, watched videos and had discussions during the Northern California Regional Convention on Nov. 14.   9 Convent & Stuart Hall students won medals.
Activities and discussions took place at the Northern California regional convention
December 2, 2020

WEB EXCLUSIVE Latin students attended the Northern California regional convention, Ludi Novembers, virtually on Nov. 14 where they participated in a variety of Latin activities throughout the day. “We...

Rise in COVID-19 cases leads to curfew

Rise in COVID-19 cases leads to curfew
10 p.m. curfew instated after SF reaches Purple Tier
November 30, 2020

WEB EXCUSIVE Mayor London Breed and Director of Health Dr. Grant Colfax announced in a press release on Saturday that San Francisco has reached the Purple Tier in COVID-19 cases, leading to a Limited Stay...

Bone appetit

Junior Cristina Jackson prepares food for her dog Buster. The family makes specialty meals for the dog on holidays like Thanksgiving and his birthday.
Dog owners share Thanksgiving meal with pets
November 21, 2020

WEB EXCLUSIVE Some family dogs are getting a full gourmet experience on Thursday by being included in the feast, but there are things to keep in mind when feeding dogs Thanksgiving foods.  “I prepare...

Students and faculty adapt to hybrid learning

Juniors Sara Ramelot Alina Kushner work socially distanced in Gender Power & Ethics while the Meeting Owl connects students in the classroom to those who are attending online via Zoom. A 360 degree camera on the Meeting Owl allowed students at home to better engage with in-person classmates.
Community accommodates students learning from home and in-person
November 19, 2020

WEB EXCLUSIVE While some students sit in classrooms and others remain on Zoom from home, teachers are navigating hybrid learning through Meeting Owls that provide a 360 degree view of the classroom and...

Visiting author discusses Jefferson, relation to slavery

National Book Award winner author Annette Gordon-Reed speaks to students about the history of Thomas Jefferson and slavery and how this narrative transcends into the present. Students met in smaller discussion groups after listening to the webinar to discuss various aspects of history’s legacy.
Students engaged in a day of dialogue and discussion surrounding works of award-winning author
November 18, 2020

WEB EXCLUSIVE Pulitzer Prize award winner Annette Gordon-Reed visited campus virtually to deliver a talk on her written works, focusing on Thomas Jefferson’s relationship to slavery. “Institutionally,...

Session 4 returns more students to campus

Juniors study for a quiz in IBSL Biology on Tuesday, Nov. 17, the second day of Session 4. Most classes have a combination of students attending in-person and online to allow for family preferences.
Specific guidelines in place for the upcoming break
November 17, 2020

WEB EXCLUSIVE Session 4 began on Monday with more students returning to campus following their testing negative for COVID-19, per the school's Health and Safety Plan. Before the session began, students...

Anxiety rises as votes continue to be counted

Anxiety rises as votes continue to be counted
Concerns about the election increases as final results are pending
November 4, 2020

Even before polls closed, waves of anxiety about the outcome of the election overcame many like sophomore Josie Flanagan causing them to be distracted and absent-minded in class.  “I have been feeling...

High school set to return to campus

High school set to return to campus
Concerns center around social behavior off-campus
November 2, 2020

Although a return date has not been announced yet, faculty and staff are busy preparing to bring high schoolers back on campus. Despite school-wide protocols, special considerations and concerns remain...

Smart bikes ride into homes

Sophomore Ella Runneboom rides her Peloton in the guest room in her home. She participated in a 20 minute workout led by instructor Ally Love, the ride featured 90’s music.
Virtual cycling classes become popular within the community
October 26, 2020

With reduced access to gyms and fitness centers due to COVID-19 shelter in place,  a new generation of smart bikes are popping up in bedrooms, garages and basements, transforming the way many people are...

No resting with testing

Families and students wait in line for coronavirus testing outside of Flood on Broadway. Convent & Stuart Hall has offered testing for families, faculty and staff since September as students begin to resume in-person learning.
Coronavirus testing offered on campus
October 26, 2020

In anticipation of the possibility of returning to in-person learning in the next few weeks, senior Eloise Laluyaux made the drive to the signature white marble mansion for the first time since last spring...

Seniors and freshmen connect through tradition

To form a relationship with your
Pairing system strives to help freshmen integrate into community
October 26, 2020

As freshmen navigate Zoom rather than hallways, Student Council has organized the Senior Sibling program to establish a connection between ninth and 12th graders. “We think this tradition is valuable...

Alumnae adapt to safety measures as they return to universities

Cece Giarman ('19) adjusts to new safety protocols including wearing masks at the University of Notre Dame. Students attended in-person classes after undergoing a two-week quarantine upon arriving on campus in the fall.
College freshman, sophomores share returning to campus
October 26, 2020

Instead of reconnecting with peers and preparing for the new school year when she returned to the University of Notre Dame campus, Cece Giarman (’19) started off the semester sitting in a room quarantining...

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