Winter conditioning begins in new training room


Jordan Russell

Senior Edna Tesfaye holds a plank in the newly redone multi-purpose room. The conditioning session alternates between the two reconstructed training rooms.

Jordan Russell, Senior Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE Winter strength and conditioning sessions are now being offered in the new training room after school, with workouts ranging from cardio to abdominal as well as leg and arm exercises.

“I started winter conditioning a while ago,” Athletic Director Elena DeSantis said. “I chose to do it during the winter because there are only a few sports going on so anybody who wants to can come and do it.”

The training session begins at 3:45 p.m. in the new exercise facilities along the Mezzanine as well as downstairs in the reconstructed multi-purpose room.

 “We switch off between exercises,” senior Edna Tesfaye said. “We started off using the TRX in the new weight room. We do several circuits of cardio and abs, so it usually adds up to about an hour.”

Due to the fully equipped training space, the workout session allows students to not stress about the expenses of outside exercise classes, according to junior Maggie Walter.

“I feel like I get a great workout because it feels like an actual exercise class,” Walter said. “It is awesome because it is all for free.”

The strength and conditioning routines offer an opportunity for all athletes to train together, according to Tesfaye.

“I usually workout by myself which is not as fun as it is when you’re with a group,” Tesfaye said. “I’m more motivated when I’m with my friends.”

The session is predicted to continue throughout the winter season, wrapping up with the start of spring sports in February.

“I will do it for one person, I’ll do it for anyone,” DeSantis said. “Everybody is welcome.”