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Smart bikes ride into homes

Sophomore Ella Runneboom rides her Peloton in the guest room in her home. She participated in a 20 minute workout led by instructor Ally Love, the ride featured 90’s music.
Virtual cycling classes become popular within the community
October 26, 2020

With reduced access to gyms and fitness centers due to COVID-19 shelter in place,  a new generation of smart bikes are popping up in bedrooms, garages and basements, transforming the way many people are...

Students “workout” how to stay in shape at home

Sophomore Samantha Calvin uses her yoga mat in her room at home while holding a plank position. Calvin says she has practiced yoga every morning since the beginning of virtual learning this year and that she enjoys being able to control her own workouts.
Closure of San Francisco gyms results in increase of at-home exercise environments
September 24, 2020

San Francisco fitness centers have reopened as of Sept. 14, but due to various health risks, many students have opted to utilize their at-home workout spaces instead. Although more businesses, including...

Punching out stress

Three screenshots show a boxing-themed fitness instructor in various poses during a workout.
Online boxing class gives a workout while sheltering in place
March 26, 2020

Despite the current health order to shelter in place, hip-hop music plays in a dark room as about 1,500 participants throw fierce punches in a boxing-inspired group fitness class that helps keep them fit...

Warm up, exercise, cool down

Warm up, exercise, cool down
Pre and post workout routines pose benefits
November 15, 2019

From tennis to golf to field hockey to soccer, stretching can help athletes prepare for games as well as help them recuperate after playing or after a workout. Strength and conditioning trainer Barclay...

Unused showers open to students, faculty

Locker rooms each house individual shower stall
May 28, 2019

After a hot and sweaty workout in the Herbert Center weight room, athletes often want a shower, but just assume it is not available. “I didn’t know we had access to the showers — I was always...

Winter conditioning begins in new training room

Senior Edna Tesfaye holds a plank in the newly redone multi-purpose room. The conditioning session alternates between the two reconstructed training rooms.
December 6, 2017

WEB EXCLUSIVE Winter strength and conditioning sessions are now being offered in the new training room after school, with workouts ranging from cardio to abdominal as well as leg and arm exercises. “I...

Getting a leg up

Getting a leg up
New on-campus trainer hired.
October 1, 2015

Following the lead of other teams in Bay Counties League West and Central leagues, Convent has hired an athletic trainer who will assess injuries and work to help girls get off the bench. “You...

Riders cycle indoors with candlelight, music

Riders cycle indoors with candlelight, music
November 7, 2013

Sarah Selzer Senior Reporter Unlike the typical gym where training equipment is spread out with each exerciser working at her own pace, women of all ages cycle together by candlelight to loud electronic...

Motion-activated video games are physically beneficial

NICOLE HVID | The Broadview
February 7, 2012

Elizabeth Burkett Reporter The image of a teenager slouched on a couch playing video games has changed with the introduction of motion-sensitive gaming devices that require body motions interacting...

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