Getting a leg up

New on-campus trainer hired.


Fiona Mittelstaedt & Grace Ainslie, Senior Reporters

Following the lead of other teams in Bay Counties League West and Central leagues, Convent has hired an athletic trainer who will assess injuries and work to help girls get off the bench.

“You definitely need an athletic trainer, especially in high school sports,” JV vol- leyball coach Devon Farrell said. “It will help teams and players rehabilitate their injuries and be able to come back from any in- jury faster than they would nor- mally.”

Trainer Kevin Dinglasan will be working in the weight room Mondays and Wednesdays from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.

“If a student gets injured on the field or during practice, and I’m there. I will be the first per- son to see you guys,” Dinglasan said. “I can refer athletes to dif- ferent specialists who can help get you better, or if there are things that I can do to help ath- letes right away I can do that.”

Depending on each sport’s schedule, Dinglasan may be brought on for more hours, ac- cording to Associate Athletic Director Cody Lee Fusco.

“I have a background as an athletic trainer in first aid, some physical therapy and general strengthening and condition- ing,” Dinglasan said. “It’s really just trying to get someone back from being injured and back into play.”

While SHHS athletic trainer Josh Pendleton has been work- ing with girls who play coed sports, Dinglasan will be avail- able to both male and female athletes.

“I definitely think we need a trainer,” senior Madison Stetter said. “I didn’t even know that Stuart Hall had one until I start- ed doing cross-country. A lot of people get injured and have no idea what to do or if they should go to a doctor, so I think that it would be a great resource.”

The sports trainer can check a student out and suggest a plan of action, though it is always rec- ommended to visit a doctor, ac- cording to Fusco.

“Throughout our league, we have been seeing more injuries and more concussions,” Fusco said. “Sports have been getting more competitive and a little more dangerous to a certain ex- tent. So having a trainer is really important for the girls’ safety.”