Spring sports begin with pre-season practices this week

Olivia Mohun, Reporter

The spring sports season began Monday, Feb, 6 with students attending team tryouts and practices.

“This is my first swimming season,” sophomore Sophie Mack said.. “So far, it’s been fun, it’s a hard workout, but the team is great.”

Team sports are the best part of the spring athletic season, according to sophomore Laura Bourne who plays golf during the fall and soccer in the spring.

“I think it’s more fun playing a sport with other people and it’s nice knowing you have friends out on the field who are there for you and have your back,” Bourne said. “Golf is a pretty individual sport compared to soccer so it’s nice to participate in both.”

This will be the last sports season for senior athletes, a feeling that is both exciting and bittersweet, according to senior Logan Evans.

“I’ve been running short sprints on track and field since sophomore year and I love it,” Evans said. “This being my last season, it feels really good to have stuck with it considering the effort I’ve put in. I’m really excited to get back into it.”

Most sports teams practice  every weekday, allowing athletes to get to know each other better, according to Mack.

“It’s a good opportunity to branch out and meet people because you are spending so much time with people you might not know so well.” said Mack.

Spring sports offered include track and field, badminton, swimming, soccer, fencing and sailing.