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 Senior Clara Phipps practices yoga in her theology class as a break from their lessons on ecojustice and catholic social teachings.  The senior theology classes are finishing up the year with group ecojustice presentations on topics of their choice including topics such as keystone species, fracking and pollution.

The Broad View: 4/4/16 – 4/8/16

The Broad View is a recurring series of of pictures around the campus captured throughout a specified week.
Bea D'Amico, Photography Editor April 10, 2016

Staff members reflect on personal media-related experiences during Scholastic Journalism Week

Staff members reflect on personal media-related experiences during Scholastic Journalism Week

Neely Metz and Kristina Cary February 26, 2016

As Scholastic Journalism Week nears the end, staff on The Broadview have time to reflect on what journalism means to them. The annual week extends from Feb. 21-27, and is sponsored and scheduled by...

Editors Liana Lum and Kendra Harvey show a cartoon published in The Broadview as part of their press freedom and first amendment rights presentation today. Lum and Harvey asked students to name the first amendment rights and winners received (amend)mints.

Staff editors raise awareness of First Amendment rights

Asha Khanna, Senior Reporter February 22, 2016

Two editors of The Broadview delivered a presentation about press freedom and First Amendment rights to the student body as an introduction to Scholastic Journalism Week. “The point of this presentation...

Women prove they can be prominent in male-dominated fields.

Women prove they can be prominent in male-dominated fields.

Liana Lum, Editor-in-Chief February 5, 2016

The Senate session on Capitol Hill last Tuesday was unconventional not because a major blizzard had taken place the weekend before, but because only female Senators and pages were present. “As we convene...

Improper use of mobility aids degrading, offensive

Improper use of mobility aids degrading, offensive

Liana Lum, Editor-in-Chief December 10, 2015

She is dressed in a black latex leotard, her eyes blank and her limbs rigid as she sits on a wheelchair, even though her legs are fully functional. Kylie Jenner’s recent cover of “Interview” magazine...

Shaming is limiting. Period.

Shaming is limiting. Period.

Stigma surrounding menstruation affects self-image, education.
Liana Lum, Editor-in-Chief December 10, 2015

When an activist posted a picture of herself wearing period-stained pants, Instagram censored it. When female politicians run for office, their capabilities are doubted due to hormone fluctuations. When...

Taking mindful steps

Taking mindful steps

Mental health movement spreads awareness online.
Liana Lum, Editor-in-Chief December 10, 2015

This week’s push by Buzzfeed to raise awareness and education surrounding mental health is leading to further discussion and understanding of this often negatively-perceived issue. “Mental Health...

Important news ignored

Important news ignored

Liana Lum, Editor-in-chief November 5, 2015

It happens when you ignore the online article about domestic violence in Brazil and instead click on the article on ways to style a sweater, or when you pick up a tabloid to read about the latest celebrity...

Taiwanese children make rice cereal and marshmallow treats for the first time with junior Kathryn Yu and her volunteer group. Yu traveled with Grace Covenant Church to work in schools.

Teens ‘get cultured’ through global service trips

Liana Lum, Editor-in-Chief May 27, 2014

Overseas service programs offer students a wide selection of volunteer experiences from working with children in Fiji to feeding and caring for animals in a Kenyan elephant orphanage and giraffe sanctuary. “Everyday...

Sophomore Liana Lum, all-school winner of the Kate Chopin writing contest, talks with English teacher Julia Arce and head judge Constance Solari during a reception in the library.

Kate Chopin writing contest winners announced

February 14, 2014

Visiting author Constance Solari named sophomore Liana Lum all-school winner of the annual Kate Chopin writing contest at a special assembly this morning. Lum's story, which addressed the prompt, "a risk...

Alumna to return as science sub

Liana Lum, Editor-in-Chief February 15, 2013

Liana Lum Reporter A CHS alumna awaiting acceptance to medical school will be substituting in the science department while teachers take family leave this spring. Morgan Kendall (’08) is re- turning...

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