Alumnae panel shares their college experiences


Alyssa Alvarez

Alumnae answer questions from the Class of 2016 about the expectations of college and the steps to be taken for future success.

Alyssa Alvarez, Sports Editor

Alumnae panelists shared their college experiences and advice with the CHS Student Body today in Syufy Theatre.

College Counseling Director Rebecca Munda organized a panel including Lauren Baum ‘14, Sarah Niehaus ‘15, Sarah Selzer ‘15 and Marguerite Siboni ‘06. They answered prepared questions from the Class of 2016 and questioning was later opened to all.  

“I wanted to give back for all that Convent has given me,” Selzer, a freshman at DePauw University, said. “I wanted to share my experience with the school because Convent supported me all throughout high school.”

Panelists gave their input on how to make the transition into college and finding friends as smooth as possible.

“I actually met one of my best friends at orientation,” Baum, a sophomore at George Washington University, said. “By going to orientation and welcoming events and not just standing by yourself, you meet a lot of new people.”

One of the hardest aspects when transitioning into college is finding a core group of friends and people who are going to be there for you in the long run, according to Selzer.

“There are a lot of cheesy ‘get-to-know-other-people-events’ that half the class does not go to,” Selzer said. “Those are important to go to. It can be very awkward, but you bond over how uncomfortable it is.”

College makes it difficult for students to find privacy and everything is communal, according to Niehaus, a freshman at Brown University.

“There is really no private or personal space for you at college,” Niehaus said. “Soundproof headphones are a really nice investment.”

Niehaus was in search of a new atmosphere after attending Schools of the Sacred Heart for 13 years.

“I feel like Convent prepared me really well,” Niehaus said. “I felt like I was definitely ready to go to college, and it was time for a change.”

Selzer left seniors receiving news from colleges and making their decisions with a piece of advice

“This is your decision and don’t let others influence you,” Selzer said. “It is your gut feeling and where you feel like you need to be.”