Broadway Café Celebrates Vegetarian Awareness Month

Vegetarians are given more options in cafeteria.


Anna Doggett

Flyers in cafeteria help promote Vegetarian Awareness Month. This year the chefs started Meatless Mondays as an act of awareness.

Cassie Eskicioglu and Anna Doggett

The Broadway Café added more healthy and sustainable lunch options for all lifestyles in celebration of Vegetarian Awareness month.

Executive Chef Christina Perkins took initiative in starting Meatless Mondays to introduce the Sacred Heart community to vegetarian options versus mainly meat choices.

“Since I have to please K-12th grade, boys and girls, we have to have meat more prominently than the veggie options,” Perkins said. “But we are trying to expose a little more variety into the vegetarian stuff.”

With Meatless Mondays more meatless items have been added or brought back to the café, including the pesto caprese sandwich and the mixed berry salad.

Many students, including sophomore Elizabeth O’Boyle, appreciate the changes the cafeteria has made.

“I like that they give options to be healthier,” said O’Boyle. “It helps the environment a lot.”

Meatless Mondays has enabled students to choose their own dietary path with healthy options, so all students and faculty can eat at the cafeteria and not have to deviate from their eating choices.

“[I chose to be vegan because] the mass production of animal products is destroying our environment,” said sophomore Emmy Sobol. “Also it is healthier.”

The Broadway Café plans to continue the healthy additions even after Vegetarian Awareness Month, and intends to introduce new food options in addition to the already available selection, according to Perkins.

“We are going to be doing two new grab and go salads.” said Perkins “One is vegan and one is vegetarian.”