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Proposed scholarship to help middle class

Proposed scholarship to help middle class

March 13, 2012

Sophia Redfern Reporter The Middle Class Scholarship, proposed by California House Speaker John A. Pérez, if passed will allow more students to attend college without loans hanging over them after graduation. Students whose family incomes are less than $150,000 and who do not already have f...

Seniors consider options to finance college

June 1, 2010

Although senior Daisy Chung says she wants to study business at the University of California, Berkeley where she was accepted despite a 73.4 percent rejection rate, she will not be attending due to the financial climate. “I plan on going to the University of San Francisco (USF) for two years, and th...

Athletics can improve academics

Athletics can improve academics

March 31, 2010

Ta Lynn Mitchell Reporter Research suggests actively participating in extracurricular sports can have lasting effects on the girls as they develop and continue throughout life, and they are more likely to experience academic success and graduate from high school than those who do not play sports. ...

Going to college strengthens pride for hometown teams

February 10, 2010

Looking back on my 12 years of living in San Francisco, I have come to realize that I have not always been a dedicated San Franciscan. Although I love San Francisco as a city, sports-wise I’m not as loyal. I am a rabid the Golden State Warriors, but because most of my family lives in New York, I’d...

Economy has impact on college recruiting

Economy has impact on college recruiting

December 16, 2009

TaLynn Mitchell Reporter With the recession creating a financial drain for both public and private colleges, student athletes looking to be recruited for collegiate sports are facing even more competition for scholarships. Student athletes such as Scarlett Kirk, who has been playing basketball since she...

Colleges may learn from sports experts

November 2, 2009

Jovel Quierolo Managing editor Professional hockey players skate with a constant fear of losing their edge and their contracts. Every year the tough guys are asked to stay on their teams, get traded or get cut. Walking to HP Pavilion with my dad for a game, I was curious as to where my favorite Sharks pl...

College application overwhelms

December 18, 2008

Rebecca Kelliher Editor-in-chief A toppling pile of college guidebooks lies in one corner of my room like my own private library. Yet, in the end, most of those college books, from The Princeton Review to Kaplan, can only get me so far on this quest for the perfect college. Over the summer, I essentially ...

The SAT does not show students’ intellect

September 19, 2008

staff editorial The SAT is a mental marathon. Students all over the country are training for the three and one-half hours of reading and math and an essay that readers peruse for a whopping minute and 40 seconds. One day, one test and one score cannot fairly evaluate the intelligence of a student. Colleges...

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