Alumnae return and speak with student body about college

Camilla Bykhovsky
Sports Editor

College Counselor Rebecca Munda introduces the panel speakers before seniors ask questions.
College Counselor Rebecca Munda introduces the panel speakers before seniors ask questions.

Alumnae who are still in college often come back after the holidays to visit teachers and former classmates, as well as partake in a college alumnae panel.

“It was really great to come back to my community and see old friends,” alumna attending the George Washington University in DC Caroline Coulter (‘14) said. “It feels a little weird speaking at the panel to my former classmates, but I want to help with the college process as much as I can and if that means a few words of advice, I am glad to help.”

Current seniors ask questions regarding homesickness, the transition from Convent to college, living with a roommate, and for some, how to manage moving to the East Coast.

“Moving away is not for everyone, but for me personally, I feel that now that I have left, I am prepared to do anything,” Lindsey Eng (’11), a senior at George Washington University said. “It really is a balance between a social life and an academic life, but in being on the other side of the country apart from my family, I have become much more independent.”

Many recently graduated alumnae offer their contact information to current seniors who may have additional questions not addressed at the panel.

“I think my biggest piece of advice I could give is to keep an open mind and build smaller worlds inside a larger one,” senior at Stanford Juliet Charnas (’11) said. “Do not feel that you always have to be a perfect student, because I have learned so much from my failures.”

Recent alumnae from GWU, USC, Berkeley, Connecticut college and Stanford shared advice about their college experiences and answered questions asked by current seniors Lian Radcliffe, Marie de Tomasi, Zara de Matran, Paloma Palmer and Sabine Dahi.

“Leaving California to go to school across the country in D.C. has been a really big adjustment, but what I want to stress to the current seniors is that it is all part of the experience,” Coulter said. “During the process, I would have never seen myself choosing this school, but looking back, I can’t imagine going anywhere else.”