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Southern-style food goes city

Gussie’s original waffles come topped with chopped pecans, fresh sliced bananas and powdered sugar. ALICE JONES | The Broadview

April 5, 2012

Alice Jones Reporter Southern comfort food is a rare find on the organic-slow-food West Coast, but San Francisco is lucky to have a handful of soul food places, and one happens to be not too far from Convent. Gussie’s Chicken and Waffles on Eddy and Fillmore is about a 15 minute walk, so you can work o...

Teen depression can be helped

April 5, 2012

Rebecca Siegel Design Editor When she first sat up in bed some mornings, she planned for the end. She would begin to get the affairs her 12 years on the earth warranted in order. When she stepped in front of the mirror, she compared herself to something she thought she could never achieve. She was ...

Restaurant featuring Asian-fusion food hits Pacific Heights

The Juicy Steak bahn mi has carrots, daikon, parsley and cucumbers and steak slices hidden behind the vegetation, so it does not fall out as easily when eaten. ALICE JONES | The Broadview

March 13, 2012

Alice Jones Reporter Bun Mee’s $7 price tag for a Vietnamese, street-style sandwich initially seems a little pricey, but its tasty menu items are worth every cent. With local meats and fresh bread, these sandwiches are perfect for a quick lunch or dinner. The eat-in or take-out restaurant is nam...

Festival recognizes indie films

Willem Dafoe and Shanyn Leigh star together as a New York couple from Abel Ferrara’s “4:44 Last Day on Earth.” This film shows on opening night and is 90 minutes long. IFC Films | with permission

February 7, 2012

Alice Jones & Jewel Devorawood The 14th annual San Francisco Independent Film Festival will hold screenings at the historical Roxie Theater, located in the Mission district, Feb. 9–23. This festival will feature 78 films over 14 days. What started out as a way for IndieFest founder Jeff Ros...

Good Call: Beating Brokenness

February 7, 2012

Claire Fahy Sports Editor "It would have broken a lot of people," So remarked a Fox Sports analyst as the cameras panned to a stoic quarterback Alex Smith, his steadfast gaze fixed upon his defensive line as they closed out the final nine seconds of a 36-32 San Francisco 49er victory over the New O...

Riders make themselves targets

February 7, 2012

Staff Editorial Online, a 16 gigabyte Apple iPhone 4S costs $199, but there is a trend arising where the iconic cell phone goes for the five-finger discount. Many crimes in San Francisco are declining, but clearly one that is not following the same pattern is the theft of cell phones and other...

Teens take parties to another level

January 17, 2012

Three seniors from Burlingame High School sat on the floor of a dark dusty basement off of Van Ness Avenue on a recent Friday night. Their heads were nodding rhythmically keeping track of the heavy bass that was pulsating through the building. Their eyes were glazed over in fascination as a junior from a San...

New burger joint lives up to name

ALICE JONES | The Broadview A mini hamburger with cheddar cheese, onions and lettuce come in fully compostable wrapping

December 16, 2011

Even though Johnny Rockets has left Chestnut Street, an even better burger restaurant has taken its place in the same location. Super Duper, which opened two months ago, offers a natural and partially-organic menu at reasonable prices in a high-priced neighborhood. Super Duper prides itself on Bay Are...

CSH interim head selected

YANE DI NICOLA | with permission

December 15, 2011

Director of schools Gordon Sharafinski and an advisory group have chosen Mary Forsyth to replace head of school Andrea Shurley who will be leaving at the end of the 2011-2012 school year. Forsyth — a former CSH teacher and Sacred Heart administrator for 27 years — will be interim head of school fo...

Central Subway Project alters downtown traffic


November 10, 2011

Rebecca Lee Editor-in-Chief Construction surrounding Union Square and throughout downtown San Francisco could pose a problem to shoppers during the upcoming holiday season due to the $1.5 billion Central Subway Project, a light-rail connection of Chinatown to central Market Street and onto the 4th ...

Convent students intern in San Francisco mayoral campaigns

October 10, 2011

Rebecca Siegel Design Editor Answering phones, making coffee and editing email lists are all in the job description for high school students working for a political campaign, and with the hunt for a new San Francisco mayor,  juniors Allegra Spinoso and Cassidy Lewallen have found internships, allowing them to experience the professional workplace firsthand. ...

Junior performs in SF Opera’s ‘Turandot’

Chiara Figari (back row, far right) gathers backstage of the San Francisco Opera House with other Girls Chorus performing as monks in Puccini's

October 6, 2011

The curtains in the San Francisco Opera House lift during rehearsal, revealing a vibrant scene of central in the opera “Turandot,” which junior Chiara Figari is now a part of after being scouted by artistic director Susan Mcmane of the San Francisco Girls Chorus. “I am one of the Persian monks i...

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