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A reflection on food reviews

A reflection on food reviews

May 27, 2014

I love food. In fact, I pitched a story about the Let’s be Frank hot dog cart near school on Thursdays when I was a sophomore, and I have been writing about the city’s culinary treasures and a few travesties ever since. Writing about food for three years has really changed how I perceive my break- fas...

Pac Heights pizzeria impresses

Presidio Pizza Company’s crusts are fluffy, yet still sturdy enough to hold the heavy helping of toppings. Flavor combinations are original without being too wacky, staying true to the Brooklyn and Sicilian fusion of influence.

May 27, 2014

My first thought when the Presidio Pizza Company sign was put up on the corner of Pine and Divisadero streets was, “Oh, no. Not another below average pizza-by-the-slice place that’ll overcharge students.” After a sampling of pizza, I am happy to say I was too quick to judge. The Bianca is a simp...

Sum-thing special: Hong Kong Loung II takes typical to-go dim sum and adds a level of class worth paying for

Shanghai Dumplings have a wonderfully tangy core and are wrapped in a soft and chew casing.

February 13, 2014

Dim sum usually brings to and sesame oil, adding tang to the the chives diversifies the textures mind the image of mystery shrimp and pork filling. Be warned: of the thick, smooth casing and the meat and pulling bits of pa- Keep the dumpling on the plate equally chewy shrimp bits. per off of a steamed p...

Actors to showcase award-winning musical

Members of the cast of “In the Heights” practice the choreography to the musical number “Carnival.” The play will premiere on March 13 and runs through the weekend.

February 15, 2013

Madeleine Ainslie Reporter Convent and Stuart Hall will be among the first high schools in the country to perform “In the Heights,” which won four Tony Awards including Best Musical in 2008. “There’s a lot of rap, salsa and merengue music in it, which set it apart from so many other mus...

A new twist on sushi

September 28, 2012

Alice Jones Food Columnist “Wow. That’s a whole lot of sushi." My eyes went wide as I peeled back the compostable wrap to see a large sushi roll in the form of a burrito, the love child of Japanese and Mexican cuisine. Sushiritto founder Peter Yen was working in downtown San Francisco when he h...

Restaurant featuring Asian-fusion food hits Pacific Heights

The Juicy Steak bahn mi has carrots, daikon, parsley and cucumbers and steak slices hidden behind the vegetation, so it does not fall out as easily when eaten. ALICE JONES | The Broadview

March 13, 2012

Alice Jones Reporter Bun Mee’s $7 price tag for a Vietnamese, street-style sandwich initially seems a little pricey, but its tasty menu items are worth every cent. With local meats and fresh bread, these sandwiches are perfect for a quick lunch or dinner. The eat-in or take-out restaurant is nam...

Athletic game day uniform available at Convent online store

CSH online store has a set game day uniform, consisting of sweat pants, warm up jacket and a long sleave or short sleave shirt. Red hoody sweatshirts are available to be ordered for $40.

October 10, 2011

Tatiana Gutierrez & Madison Riehle Reporters An online store is now selling CSH apparel and accessories including athletic warm-up uniforms, waters bottles and team sweatshirts, with other items to be added in the coming weeks. Admissions director Caitlin Kavanagh and admissions associate Chri...

Freshmen organize day in honor of mothers

October 29, 2010

Claire Fahy Asst. Sports Editor The Freshmen Class hosted a Mass and brunch for CSH and SHHS students and their mothers Sunday morning to celebrate the Feast of Mater Admerabilis. “This tradition is a wonderful way to bring the two schools together – both mothers and students in celebration of Mater...

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