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Teenagers can choose to donate, but don’t

Teenagers can choose to donate, but don't

Gabriella Vulakh, Editor-in-Chief

December 19, 2019

Depending on socio-economic class, teenagers are often the population with the most expendable income, as they are not providing for their families or supporting themselves through school and other extracurricular activities, yet many teenagers do not set aside allowance or job money for charities....

It’s Tik Tok time?

It's Tik Tok time?

Gray Timberlake, Editor-in-Chief

December 12, 2019

When senior Malinalli Cervantes created a TikTok that went viral, her primary focus was not the potential security issues she could have created for herself. The TikTok app allows users to post 15 second videos that are typically set to popular music or “sounds.” Videos become “Tik-Tok famous,” like...

Individual impact matters

Everyone has a carbon footprint. Calculating your individual carbon footprint allows you to take steps to decrease it.

Gabriella Vulakh, Editor-in-Chief

October 7, 2019

The Global Climate Strikes two weeks ago helped many individuals realize that they can participate in promoting environmental issues at the local level and individually take action to reduce their carbon footprint. "Everything that we do has an impact on the ecosystem in ways we can't even imagine,”...

Take a deep breath, if you can

Take a deep breath, if you can

Caroline Thompson, Copy Editor

October 3, 2019

Hospitals are admitting teenagers and young adults across the nation for suffering from an apparent vaping-related respiratory injury, causing alarm bells to sound in the heads of adults, parents, students and doctors alike.  Over 1,080 cases of lung injuries related to vaping have been reported from...

Youth Strike

Juniors Jacqueline Guevara and Sofia Jorgenson hold up protest signs and chant during the
San Francisco Youth Global Climate Strike on Oct. 3, 2019. Approximately 31 Convent & Stuart Hall students joined the school strike to march.

Madeline Thiara and Adele Fratesi

October 3, 2019

Bay Area youth gathered at the San Francisco Federal Building for the Global Climate Strike on Sept. 20 to raise awareness about climate issues and to demand a safe, healthy and just planet. Thirty-five Convent and 13 Stuart Hall students signed out to attend the strike, according to the schools’...

College reps visit campus

Junior Kate Baker and senior Ben Ullyot meet with a representative from the University of Chicago in the gallery. They discussed campus life and the application process.

Grace O'Reilly, Senior Reporter

September 15, 2019

WEB EXCLUSIVE Five colleges visited campus to give upperclassmen an opportunity to learn more about the admissions process on Friday. The University of Denver, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Northeastern University, the University of Colorado at Boulder and Bard College all represented their scho...

Frosh arrive on campus

Freshmen Noor El-Qadah, Annika Hansen, Ella Noblin and Amaliya Sypult enter their names into the electronic scoreboard at Presidio Bowling Center on Aug. 16. Convent & Stuart Hall freshmen participated in arcade games, ate pizza and bowled.

Grace Krumplitsch and Tabitha Parent

August 29, 2019

Freshmen gathered for Freshman Success on Aug. 15 and 16 to meet new classmates and familiarize themselves with the campus. After going over the new schedule, dress code and the Honor Code, students participated in icebreakers and games with Theater Programs Director Margaret Grace Hee. “I felt...

Sophomores learn about overcoming personal obstacles

Bryan Lorentz sings

Olivia Rounsaville, Senior Reporter

August 27, 2019

WEB EXCLUSIVE In an exercise related to the theme of “Wisdom and Knowledge,” sophomores in the G Period Sacred Texts class discussed personal struggles and overcoming hard times in their lives. “I learned that everyone is going through their own struggles,” sophomore Mia Sassi said. “We...

Scholars wear collars

Scholars wear collars

Gabriella Vulakh and Gray Timberlake

August 21, 2019

Students are now required to wear collared shirts as part of the new dress code, and they have the option to wear white or blue jeans in addition to the previously allowed neutral pant and knee-length shorts colors that include black, grey, khaki, navy and olive.  “The dress code changes every year based o...

Cafeteria service to expand in fall

EAT UP Sophomore Tara Boyd gets lunch in the Broadway Campus cafeteria. The SAGE lunch plan is expanding to include all students next year on both the Broadway and the Pine/Octavia Campuses.

Gabriella Vulakh, Web Editor

May 28, 2019

The SAGE food service is expanding to provide lunch for all students in Kindergarten through Grade 12 at no additional cost in the 2019-20 school year, resulting in an increase of approximately 37% more students relying on the cafeteria for their midday meal. “In order to provide the proper lunchtime ...

Students ask anonymous health questions during class meetings

Family practice physician Rebecca McEntee answers an anonymous question during class meetings. Juniors and seniors had a combined discussion with McEntee in the Center.

Gray Timberlake, Senior Reporter

April 28, 2019

WEB EXCLUSIVE Health professionals led conversations split by grades during class meetings last week about various health-related topics. Students had the opportunity to write down anonymous questions on notecards that were collected and answered out loud by the health professional leading their discuss...

We want you, too

We want you, too

Adele Bonomi, Senior Reporter

April 1, 2019

Young women may soon have to register for the Selective Service when they turn 18 and sign themselves up for a potential military draft following a federal judge’s ruling last month that the exclusion of women in the draft is unconstitutional. A final report on the court case is expected in 2020 and the dec...

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