Auditions set the stage for spring musical


Fiona Mittelstaedt

Students auditioning for the musical gathered in the Main Hall prior to the auditions. Potential cast members filled out audition forms which included prior history in theatre and contact information.

Fiona Mittelstaedt, Senior Reporter

Today marks the beginning of auditions for the upcoming spring musical, Les Miserables.

“It’s about a group of students rising up in paris to try to find peace and social justice for the common people,” director Pamela Rickard said. “It’s a love story, there’s a lot of conflict and war moments, but it’s basically about human goodness and how to overcome the adversary of the imbalance of power.”

Choreography and acting auditions are today and wednesday and singing will be tuesday and thursday, according to stage manager Kelly Rosanelli .

“I auditioned last year and was really nervous, but they are really nice and it’s not as stressful as a lot of people think,” sophomore Carlota Rubio said. “I like it because you make new friends from different grades and make connections that you probably wouldn’t have made on a regular day basis.”

“The shows will run Mar.10 and 11 at 7 p.m. and Mar. 12 at 2 p.m.,” Rickard said.