First cycle report cards will not be digital


Asha Khanna, Senior Reporter

Students will have to wait a little longer to see their first cycle report cards as quarter grades will not be posted online.

“It allows students to see their grades, reflect on it and have conversations with their teachers instead of reacting right when they see it,” Betsy Pfeiffer, Director of Academic Advising and Support, said. “In the future, grades will be online, but we are switching softwares.”

Sophomore Jilan Powers enjoyed viewing her grades online last year because it prevented surprises when report cards were mailed out.

“It was quick and easy to see how I was doing in a class,” Powers said. “If they were online, we would have time to ask questions to teachers before report cards were sent home.”

Junior Gia Monachino also checked her grades online in previous years to see them before opening the mailed report card.

“It makes people more anxious because your parents can see it before you,” Monachino said. “I would know what to expect when I looked online, but now I have to wait anxiously for it to come in the mail.”

First cycle report cards will be mailed out in the middle of the week.