Seniors next steps

Instagram page dedicated to college decisions


Convent & Stuart Hall seniors share where they will be attending college through a new Instagram account created by senior Samantha Calvin — who dedicated the page to seniors’ college decisions. College acceptance Instagram accounts have become increasingly popular over the past few years and can raise awareness about smaller, less popular schools as well as contributing to the spirit of bigger, more selective schools.

Fiona Kenny, Reporter

All college admission letters have been received by students, beginning the duration of decisions. While some students are still selecting their college path, some have already committed to the class of 2027.

Students have created an Instagram account, @connystudecisions2023, to showcase in the name of their future college, a baby photo, and their intended major. In return, a post will be displayed with their photo encompassed by their new school colors. Senior Natalie Posner shared her decision to the class of 2027 on this page and thinks it is a fantastic way of celebrating the seniors’ hard work.

“I think the account is a fun way to tell our friends and the community where we are going to school and what academic interests we will be pursuing,” Posner said. “It is such a relief to be finished with the college process and and exciting time learning what the future holds for our classmates,”  

The posts allow members of the community to grow excited alongside the seniors. Even if the post isn’t about someone you know, it still gets you enthusiastic about their choice, according to sophomore Anika Carpenter. 

“Seeing how much our seniors are celebrated makes me so excited for them,” Carpenter said. “Even for seniors who I don’t know very well — I get excited when I see their post,”

The account was created to cater to all members of this community, including students who have just started their own highschool journey. Students like freshman Franchesca Lauterbach have older siblings in the class of 2023 that have made their announcements through the Instagram page. 

“It was great to see my brother’s college announcement posted,” Lauterbach said. “I’m so happy for him that he got into a college he really wanted to attend, and I think the page does a really great job of making everyone proud of themselves as well,”

As the 2022-2023 school year comes to a close, the seniors wrap up their time at Convent & Stuart Hall and begin to travel down their new path into their college career. @connystudescisions23 is a great way to celebrate each and every one of the seniors, according to Posner.  

“It’s a great way to celebrate each individual, and I truly believe that it makes everyone feel celebrated, ” Posner said. “I’m so proud of everyone and I wish everyone the best for wherever they end up.”