Parade floats on Broadway

Students create floats to showcase what they are grateful for


The floats are currently being displayed in the Gallery at Broadway. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Float Parade, which the competition was based off of, began in 1924.

Charlotte Morris, Reporter

Students split into their advisory groups to create Thanksgiving floats which were judged at chapel on Wednesday. 

The Flotella challenge was a schoolwide competition presented by English teacher Julia Arce. There was one winner from each grade and one overall winner, according to freshman Aiobhinn Reidy. 

“Each advisory made a float to represent their gratitude,” Reidy said. “It’s very important to give thanks during this time of year and it’s even better when it is done in a fun and creative way,”

The point of this challenge was to use recycled materials to celebrate something that the advisories were thankful for. Students took inspirration from Macy’s thanksgiving parade floats, according to freshman Francesca Lauterbach. 

“My group decided to make a float to honor bees because they make our world a healthy and sustainable place,” Lauterbach said. “Allowing students to showcase what they are grateful for is a great way to bring light to the amazing things in our world,”

Freshman students also created a dance and cheer to go along with their float to further represent and display their gratitude. Videos and photos from the contest are displayed all throughout the TVs in the school.

The overall winner was a senior advisory group, who created a palm tree float, representing their gratitude for their ability to take vacations and to have the ability to get away. 

“I really love opportunities like this where we can express ourselves,” Reidy said. “I think it is so important to give thanks and show gratitude for everything around us.”