Next steps in cheer

Insurance, uniforms, and looking into next year



The cheer team performs in the Dungeon at Stuart Hall for boys basketball senior night. The team wore their new uniforms for the first time.

Amelia Froyd-Kamrath, Senior Reporter

Stepping up to the sidelinesblue and red pom-poms in the air, bows adorned and skirts twirlingthe cheer team makes their first appearance in their new uniforms since the creation of the team back in October at the boys basketball game on Feb. 1.
Many changes have happened with the team recently as it gets closer to being the end of the first year of the new team. The team was started as a club at the beginning of the year by juniors Amaliya Sypult and Ella Noblin and has been running the entire year since. 

“I was excited when we got our new uniforms because it’s nice to have official ones,” sophomore Soren Browning said. “I know there may have been some debate about what the uniforms looked like and if they said Convent or Stuart Hall on them, I think in the end everyone was excited we finally got them.” 

In a previous interview, cheer coach Reba Sell had talked with The Broadview about how the team was in the process of getting insurance for the sport. However, as of right now nothing has been confirmed because the cheer team would have to be considered a sport by the school before receiving insurance, according to Sell. 

“It’s definitely my goal for the team and I know a lot of the girls want it to be a sport too because I believe the school has a sports requirement for graduation,” said Sell. “Since cheer is all year that currently means some girls can’t participate because of the requirement, making it a sport would open it up for a lot of students who see this as an opportunity.”

Having insurance would also mean the team could move from dance based cheers to simple tricks and stunts according to Sypult. 

“We would only do this stuff if it is what people on the team wanted to do, the team is mostly beginners so it wouldn’t be anything too hard,” Sypult said. “Most of this stuff is hypothetical right now because it would probably not happen until next year and only if we are a sport and not a club then.”

The team most recently performed on the sideline of the boys state championship game. The team is currently talking about their plans for the spring season as well as next year according to Sell. 

“I think we should be considered a sport and hope in the future we become one at the school,” Browning said. “Because right now I don’t think we can even do a cartwheel and it would be nice to be able to do more as a team.”