Off to the Championships

Stuart Hall Knights win the NorCal Regional Championships and advance to the Division 5 State Championships on Friday.


Marco Schinella passes the basketball to Brandon Lum against University High School. The no. 3 Knights will play Chaffey High School in the Divison 5 State Championships on Friday.

Keira Blattberg, Seniur Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE The Stuart Hall Knights varsity boys basketball team won the NorCal Regional Championships last night at Kezar Stadium sending them to the Division 5 State Championships this Friday. 

Coming off of a win against the no. 2 seed, Head Royce, the no. 3 Knights defeated Priory with a final score of 44-37. Their next game will be on Friday at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento against Chaffey High School. 

“The game was crazy and so much fun to watch last night,” freshman Mila Kane said. “I’ve been to a couple of games before this one, but this game was the loudest, most energetic, and the biggest crowd that there has been so far.” 

Student council has been promoting each game by assuring free admission for all students and faculty as well as encouraging themes for students to dress up in, such as white-out and Stuart Hall merchandise. The athletic and administration departments are currently developing plans for students to attend the game on Friday.

“We are in the midst of securing buses for everyone and it’s our goal to get everyone there,” Assistant Athletic Director Elena DeSantis said. “We do have a backup plan to live stream the game somewhere on campus in the unlikely event that we cannot get enough buses.”

If some students cannot go to the game in person, however,  it will be streamed for purchase on the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). There is already anticipation and excitement for the state championships on Friday even on campus, according to senior Donnalie Yap. 

“The last time Stuart Hall made it to the championships was before my freshman year and I remember being disappointed that I missed it by one year,”  Yap said.  “The opportunity to go this year at Golden 1 is one that many schools and teams will never get the chance to do.”

To attend the game, Head of School Tony Farrell sent a form via email to the student body to indicate if they would like to go to the game in person. 

“With all the energy and excitement the student section had I think really gave the players a lot of confidence and support when they were playing,” Kane said, “I think it will be really fun if the whole school can take buses to the game on Friday and I can’t wait to see what happens”