Community honors saint, service


Adele Fratesi

Sophomores Mackenna Moslander and Will Burns speak about their service at the all school chapel held in the gym. The focus was honoring the feast of Sacred Heart sister Philippine Duchesne.

Adele Fratesi, Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE Both high school divisions gathered on the Pine/Octavia campus in the gym for a chapel service celebrating the Feast of St. Philippine Duchesne, who opened the first Sacred Heart school in the United States. Students discussed their community service experience as Sacred Heart students. 

“St. Philippine Duchesne accepted all people, no matter their background,” sophomore Amelia Abernathy said. “She acted as a role model for all Sacred Heart students to include everyone and to care for others.”

The chapel began with a reflection led by junior Gabrielle Guido and sophomore Joe Shea, Campus L.I.F.E. representatives. The student-led reflection set the stage for a series of presentations by students involved in exceptional amounts of service. 

“I volunteer at my dance studio and I work with the younger students to develop their ballet skills” sophomore Darcy Jubb, who spoke to the school about her service,  said. “I really enjoy volunteering for something that I’m passionate about and I love working with kids.”

Student speakers received a plaque commending their commitment to service. Four students received this award. 

“The students sharing about their service has inspired me to do more for the community,” freshman Sophia Terry said. “I feel motivated to help others and devote more of my time to service.”

The chapel discussed how St. Philippine Duchesne’s devotion to inclusivity has led Sacred Heart schools to be more conscious of how students can be more active in their communities and offer their service.

“Her work has inspired many,” Abernathy said. “She advocated that the Religious of the Sacred Heart accepts all people as sisters.”