Students take part in leadership training with alumna


Gabriella Vulakh

Members of Honor Council and Student Government gathered today for a Leadership Training with Ann Miller (’62) who conducts similar workshops at Sacred Heart schools around the world. Students discussed what it means to be leaders and how to act as role models in the school community.

Gabriella Vulakh, Editor-in-Chief

WEB EXCLUSIVE Members of the Honor Council and Student Government participated in a Leadership Training where they discussed leadership techniques, goals for the school year and what it means to be a leader. 

Ann Miller (’62), who led the training, has been travelling to Sacred Heart schools internationally since 2010 to meet with students and conduct leadership sessions.

“One of the big things that I try to do is ask questions to bring about a discussion,” Miller said. “I hope students take away the importance of communication, developing relationships, building trust with each other and learning how to take responsibility.”

During the training, Miller asked students to share their thoughts on what leadership entails. She also provided them with different tools to improve their leadership skills.

“We talked about ways to bring people into the conversation,” Honor Council member Julianna Ovalle said. “If you notice that someone is not talking as much, you can ask them what is on their mind. Most of the time, their ideas are just as valid, they may just have trouble articulating them or speaking out.”

Miller asked the Honor Council and Student Government members to come up with ways to proactively engage students who may not feel comfortable approaching them in person. To address this concern, the representatives plan to create polls on the student-run Instagram page, @conventcubbyhole, in addition to the daily announcements and schedules. 

“My first steps as a leader will be making sure that everyone’s voice is heard, especially the voices that are not generally as prominent,” Vice President Bella Shea said. “From this training, I learned that there is a greater sense of responsibility that comes with my role on student council.”

Miller ended the training with quotes from Janet Erskine Stuart, RSCJ, who was one of the founding mothers of the Sacred Heart network. Students discussed the significance of the quotes and the long line of women leaders and Sacred Heart traditions embedded in them. Miller then prompted students to consider what they could do as leaders in the community to continue this legacy.

“It is not just about learning the heritage of the Sacred Heart,” Miller said. “We have to take it to the next step and think about what we are going to do this year to contribute to this heritage.”