Student Council elections held today


Mason Cooney

Juniors Maggie Walter and Worth Taylor deliver their joint speech for Senior Class Representatives. Student Council elections were held in the Chapel, followed by Class Representative speeches held separately by grade.

Mason Cooney, Features Editor

WEB EXCLUSIVE Students and faculty gathered in the Chapel today for Student Council speeches, then separated into grades to hear Class Representative speeches for the 2018-2019 school year.

Students voted via Google Form, and results were released shortly after school. The 2018-2019 Student Council includes Arts and Community Representative Delaney Tobin, Athletics Community Representatives Mira White and Josephine Rozzelle, Equity and Inclusion Representative Jade Despanie, Spirit Representative Wellsley Cohen, and L.I.F.E Representative Laura Mogannam.

“It’s nice to see your friends run for what they’re passionate about,” sophomore Sunny Stuart said. “I really liked how much effort everyone put into it this year.”

Some junior candidates could not attend speeches due to AP exams, but sent in pre-recorded videos of themselves to be played on the screen.

“[The speeches] were really good and nicely spoken,” junior Rachel Cramer, who delivered her speech for Equity and Inclusion, said. “The audience was pretty engaged regardless of people that had to take AP’s.”

Freshman, Sophomore and Junior classes separated after Student Council speeches to hear Class Representative speeches, which have two positions per grade.

“It was cool seeing some people that I didn’t automatically anticipate putting themselves out there to run,” PAWS leader Kate McMichael, who listened to junior Class Representative speeches, said. “Having guts is kind of a part of the making of a Convent girl.”

Class Representatives next year will be Worth Taylor and Maggie Walter for the Senior class, Miley Sherman and Adele Bonomi for the Junior Class, and Tabitha Parent and Mikal Yonas for the Sophomore Class.

McMichael says she appreciates girls who want to be a part of making the community great, but that leadership can come in many forms.

“It’s kind of interesting to think about what leadership looks like,” McMichael said. “I think the more voices you bring to the table, the better leadership can be, although more complicated.”