Community engages in Reconciliation service


Amy Phipps

Juniors Peyton House and Annabelle Applegarth write letters to someone they appreciate during Reconciliation service. The service took place in the Little Theater during Collab.

Amy Phipps, Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE Students gathered for Reconciliation service in the Little Theater during Collab today.

“I think what’s important about Reconciliation is that it is about forgiveness, and that often gets lost,” Egan said. “One of the most challenging acts of kindness that you can give to yourself is to forgive somebody.”

During the service, students started with Espacio and then wrote letters for someone they care about. These activities helped foster a good relationship between students and faculty, according to sophomore Charlotte Ehrlich.

“I felt like the letters were a very reflective and necessary activity to do,” Ehrlich said. “It is really important to pause and think about someone else and the impact they have on your life.”

Reconciliation is one of the seven sacraments in the Catholic Church where sins can be reconciled with God and the Church.

“I feel much more relaxed and happier after admitting my wrongdoings,” sophomore Sarah El Qadah said. “Because all those wrongdoings are now in the past I can now move on.”

At the end of the service, students had time to talk to faculty and get words of encouragement and support.

“Everybody is worthy of love, forgiveness, kindness, and goodness,” Egan said. “I think that is very powerful.”