Holy Week chapel invites reconciliation

Olivia Mohun, Reporter

Convent students and teachers came together this morning for the community’s weekly chapel service.

Spiritual L.I.F.E. Director Sergio Vasquez gave students time to reflect on their lives and in what areas they could seek forgiveness, before writing their thoughts down on pieces of paper and depositing them into a bucket to be burned.

Those who wished to were invited to make a string bracelet as a reminder to reconcile with a specific person. Students were also given the opportunity to visit stations around the chapel where they could pour water on their peers’ hands as a symbol of reconciliation.

“I enjoyed today’s chapel because I don’t often get to think back on my actions in such a communal environment,” sophomore Natalie Barnes said. “The service was a great time to extend a hand to those I don’t normally do.”

The ceremony gave students a symbolic way of letting go of past mistakes and grudges regardless of religious affiliation, according to freshman Kai Johnson.

“The chapel was devoted to confronting your most vulnerable self,” Johnson said. “Personally,  I’m not Catholic so it was really nice that everybody was invited to participate.”

Participants were also encouraged to approach members of the community they wished to reconcile with, a valuable opportunity, according to Barnes.

“Reconciliation is important because forgiving others and being forgiven yourself allows room for growth.” Barnes said.