Freshmen participate in all day bonding activities


Abby Anderson

Freshmen Avery Stout and James O’Leery talk with Ninth Grade Chair Sarah Garlinghouse about their assignment for the second half of “Freshman Success”. The day began with group discussions and ended with coed jobs to help out faculty.

Madeline Thiara, Reporter


Freshmen convened in the Little Theater this morning to engage in group discussions and other bonding exercises for their second “Freshmen Success” of the school year.

“Today was a way to start off the second semester together as a community now that the freshman class has gotten to know each other a bit better,” Ninth Grade Chair Sarah Garlinghouse said. “It was a way to spend some quality time as a class.”

While the freshmen were in the Little Theater, School Counselor Annie Egan led a discussion involving bullying and exclusion and provided approaches to how the grade can avoid these behaviors.

“This discussion really enlightened me on how everyone in our grade makes an impact on one another, whether it be positive or negative,” Freshman Lauren Thompson said. “I think we all realized that we should truly be kind to each other in the four short years we have together.”

After lunch, Stuart Hall freshmen joined Convent freshman for interactive activities such as poster-making and also helping out teachers in the greater K-12 community.

“Since I didn’t go to Convent Elementary, I felt like today was a great way to get to know faculty that I would’ve never met otherwise,” Freshman Takouhi Asdourian said.

Freshmen broke off into small groups of two to six and visited classrooms to organize, file, and help out faculty. The day ended with a whole grade reflection.

“This day was a way to take a deep breath before the seriousness of the second semester,” Garlinghouse said. “It was a way to get to know one another on a different level.”