Freshman class sleeps over at Flood Mansion

Gray Timberlake

WEB EXCLUSIVE The Freshman Class began preparing for their sleepover tonight in which they will watch the fall play and then sleep on the third floor of Flood Mansion.

The sleepover used to be a tradition for the freshman class, which died out and became reinstated last year, according to Academic Advisor Betsy Pfeiffer.  

I brought the sleepover back because I thought it was an important way to allow students to create community and to make a connection to the school,” Pfeiffer said. “After the first quarter, students become acclimated and the sleepover is a great way to close out the quarter.”

Freshmen were asked to bring a sleeping bag, pillow and pajamas and to refrain from bringing their phones in order to provide a technology-free environment.

I didn’t think not having technology was an issue,” Sophomore Kai Johnson said about her experience at the sleepover last year. “I felt like you could actually recognize people you were or weren’t friends with and talk to the real them, without the constrictions of technology.”

The sleepover serves as a retreat for the freshmen, who will get the opportunity to bond with their classmates and get to know them better, according to Pfeiffer.

I definitely see a change in the class dynamic after bonding moments like these,” Pfeiffer said. “It surprises some people that they have more in common with classmates than they thought because when they’re not doing academic things, they can find unexpected connections with people.”

The freshmen will have the chance to participate in class bonding exercises during the sleepover. Last year, these included friendship bracelet making as well as a dance party in the Center.

“I’m very open to becoming close with people that I’m not that close with through bonding experiences,” freshman Sarah Barnes said. “I hope that I will become closer to people I’m not close with yet and get to spend more time with them.”

In addition to bonding activities, the sleepover will include a chapel reflection before watching the fall play, “The Crucible”. The play, which ends at 9 p.m., will be followed by pizza, an ice cream sundae bar and movies until midnight.

“I really learned that it’s the best to be friends with everybody in my class,” Johnson said. “I loved getting to know people in a different aspect than I saw them when I first met them.”