Juniors continue retreat’s theme in PAWS


Asha Khanna

Juniors in math teacher Chris Person-Rennell’s PAWS write letters of gratitude. The prompts invited them to write to a friend of stranger, but did not have to be shared.

Asha Khanna, Copy Editor

The Junior Class utilized PAWS times today to wrap up the previous two day’s retreat activities, responding to different prompts in letters of gratitude.

“I think we often take people for granted in our lives because of the busy nature of the world we live in, so the letter writing really allowed us to all reflect on who we appreciate and why,” junior Jocelyn Shilakes said. “We got to acknowledge what they do for us, which was similar to an activity we did at the retreat.”

The class left for Redwood Glen Retreat Center in Loma Mar Wednesday morning and returned Thursday afternoon. Students were asked to leave their phones at home or turn them in before leaving.

Despite not having technology, communication served as the unofficial theme of the retreat, and was reflected in activities such as trying to accurately draw pictures solely based off of a partner’s description and eating yesterday’s lunch in silence, according to theology teacher Paul Pryor Lorentz who led the retreat.

“I thought the activity when we had to make s’mores for each other at the campfire was interesting because we did it in silence,” junior Lauren Wasserman said. “You were connecting with people you may never talk to through something everybody likes — food.”