Students and parents discuss community goals


Caroline Thompson

Senior Mason Cooney discusses her experience at Convent with a group of Convent & Stuart Hall parents. The event focused on the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart education and spiritual engagement.

Jordan Russell, Sports Editor

WEB EXCLUSIVE Students from all four divisions met with the Parents Association today in the reception room to discuss the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart education and spiritual engagement at Convent & Stuart Hall.

“A lot of eighth graders, juniors, and seniors including myself were asked to participate,” senior Sophie Egan said. “Having varying ages allowed [the parents] to get a range of different opinions at the event.”

For some parents with younger children, such as first grade and eighth-grade parent Christy Swartz, meeting with high schoolers was a beneficial aspect of the event.

“I was really interested in hearing the perspective of the high school students,” Swartz said. “I was lucky enough to sit in a group with some of them and hear their personal experiences [about school].”

The event moderated by Chair of Community Life Paul Pryor Lorentz was held in a discussion format centered around prepared questions presented to each group of parents and students. The questions asked students to reflect on social justice, spirituality and being a member of the Sacred Heart community.

“There is such a big gap between a third grader and a senior,” Egan said. “Parents said it was good to know their kids had responsible people to look up to.”

According to Swartz, the event was beneficial in understanding the viewpoints of the students on an array of issues pertaining to the high school divisions.  

“I was really impressed with all of them,” Swartz said. “I particularly enjoyed what they had to say about the Convent & Stuart Hall community as a whole.”

Egan said that talking with the parents reminded her of her duty on campus to be a role model for students and the entire community.

“Hearing how the little kids look up to seniors and how they get excited when they see high schoolers really made me think about the way I act,” Egan said. “From the parents’ perspective, it is nice to know that the values their kids are taught are upheld throughout the school.”