Parent Teacher Conferences extended


Arianna Nasairi

Sophomore history teacher Michael Stafford meets with Alina Aeby, mother of sophomore Sophia Aeby. Parent Teacher Conferences took place on the Stuart Hall campus.

Sophia Aeby

WEB EXCLUSIVE The semi-annual Parent Teacher Conferences have been extended for the first time to offer more parents a chance to meet with teachers. Due to the conferences, this afternoon, Convent & Stuart Hall classes were shortened to an hour today.

“We looked at the feedback from last years Parent Teacher Conferences and we shifted things,” Academic counselor Betsy Pfeiffer said. “For example, we opened up for two days and gave people an opportunity to meet with teachers in the evening and also the day.”

Since students are not required to go, students like sophomore Abby Widjanarko plan on staying at home and getting ahead on homework to enjoy the weekend.

“I think it’s good that our parents get to talk to our teachers,” Widjanarko said. “There are some things we rather just discuss one on one with our teachers to improve our grades.”

Not all parents were able to meet with their children’s teachers last year because of scheduling. Pfeiffer made the sign-up sheet accessible for parents so they can schedule a meeting ahead of time.

“We do things so we can improve every year,” Pfeiffer said.  “We always want to make sure we are meeting the goal and what we are intended to do.”