Innobotics Club finalizes club proposal


Laura Mogannam

Club head Zoe Hinks and junior Michelle Wang discuss plans for the Innobotics Club with the club moderator during a lunch meeting in the Unkefer Spark Studio. The Clubs Assembly will be held on Monday.

Laura Mogannam, Managing Editor

WEB EXCLUSIVE Innobotics club leaders finalized goals for the upcoming year and finalized their club proposal during a lunch meeting in the Unkefer Spark Studio in anticipation of the Clubs Assembly on Monday.

Club head Zoe Hinks aims to gather a group of inquisitive students, who want to learn more about robotics and the different ways to use technology.

“When people think of robotics, they usually think of these big giant robots, like the battle bots or something,” Hinks said. “Actually, robotics can be anything you want or need it to be like using [the hardware and software from] Arduino to create art or a device that waters your plants.”

Hinks plans to make badges and a mascot for the club with the students who join and the club moderator Liam Carey, who is also the Engineering & Innovation Champion.

“I think [a robotics club] benefits everybody by getting a basic understanding of electronics and getting more students involved in the STEAM fields,” Carey said. “There’s a lot of ways that people can use them creatively as well as practically that would be interesting.”

Junior Michelle Wang, who also attended the meeting, says she will be joining Innobotics Club to try something new.

“I’ve never tried anything with robotics before,” Wang said. “I think it’s a great opportunity for me to see what I am interested in.”

Hinks says that all students should check out the club, especially if they have no experience, so they can see if they like it.

“Robotics can have so many uses,” Hinks said. “Anyone can come and check the club out, even if they do not have any experience.”