A lifestyle ‘Worth’ her time

Junior shares healthy lifestyle through Instagram, blog.

Cece Giarman, Editor-in-Chief

After waking up at 5:30 a.m. for her daily pilates-inspired workout, junior Worth Taylor starts every week making a batch of homemade nut milk and preparing the day’s picture-perfect, nutrient-packed, organic breakfast before she heads to school.

Once she finishes her homework, Taylor spends her afternoons writing blog posts and testing new recipes to share with her health-obsessed fan-base who follow her Instagram and website, “Lemons Worth Lovin’,” which she began in 2017.

“When Worth was little, she spent every day helping me in the kitchen while I cooked,” Lucy Bowen Taylor, her mother and executive chef of Taylored Taste, said. “As Worth got older, she chose to focus solely on the foods that made her feel good. She is so happy blogging and posting because she is spreading what she loves.”

“Lemons Worth Lovin,’” according to Taylor, showcases her health journey and shares her knowledge of how to create meals with great ingredients without compromising good taste.

“I really wanted to make a shift to feel more energized, clear-headed and simply just start a healthy life,” Taylor said. “I live a healthy lifestyle because I really feel like a better version of myself and want others to feel the same way.”

Both “Lemons Worth Lovin’” platforms are curated by Taylor daily, and are made up of bright photos and easy-to-follow recipes. Posts stress a balanced lifestyle through organic meals and snacks that are often gluten-free, vegan, paleo or sugar-free.

“When people ask me how I don’t miss ‘unhealthy’ foods, I simply explain to them that eating healthy is not a way that you lose all of your favorite foods,” Taylor said. “It’s about learning how to make things you like with better-for-you ingredients. Most people wouldn’t believe me when I say I still eat cookies, but I have learned how to create treats from wholesome ingredients that are satisfying and delicious.”

In addition to daily cooking and posting, Taylor spends her time outside of school surrounding herself with other like-minded individuals, attending about four exercise classes a week at MNT, Move, Nourish, Transform — a Pilates, barre and yoga studio — and special events like the Good Foods Awards or the Blogging Boujee.

“Blogging Boujee is a place for bloggers to meet, try healthy treats and take photos for creative content,” Taylor said. “It was so eye-opening and I was able to meet a lot of different bloggers from all over the Bay Area, including two if my biggest inspirations, Nicole Modic and Molly Alliman.”

In less than a year that the “Lemons Worth Lovin’” website and Instagram have been up, Taylor has posted more than 200 colorful posts and has attracted more than 1,000 active followers, many of whom comment and try out recipes regularly.

“I’ve made a bunch of Worth’s recipes, but my favorite is her chocolate chip cookie recipe with almond flour and coconut oil,” senior Rosie Morford said. “When I’m in the mood for a treat but don’t want something super heavy, I always turn to Worth’s recipes. They are so delicious, made with really healthy ingredients and make me feel good about what I am eating.”

“Lemons Worth Lovin’” has drawn such a large audience that companies frequently reach out to Taylor to help promote products or create recipes with their products. RXBAR, Georgia Grinders and Cappello’s are just some of the many brands Taylor has partnered with.

“Sponsoring and collaborating with brands is one of the most rewarding parts of doing all of this,” Taylor said. “To be working with a brand that creates products that I love and use everyday creates such a personal connection with the faces behind products.”

Taylor has not only had a positive impact on the health of individuals and the wider community, but has also been a source of inspiration, according to Morford.

“I love taking care of my body and feeding it with great things, but sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated,” Morford said. “Having someone my age promoting the same lifestyle I want to stick to really pushes me to stay healthy and work my hardest.”

Taylor says she undoubtedly will continue “Lemons Worth Lovin’” and hopes to study nutrition science in college to not only further her own knowledge but so she can teach others how they can stay healthy themselves.

“I have such a huge passion for what I’m doing right now, and if I wasn’t sharing it with people, something would feel incomplete,” Taylor said. “Knowing that I have made an impact on even just a single person makes me feel so empowered.”

Taylor’s work and recipes are on her on blog lemonsworthlovin.com or on Instagram @lemonsworthlovin.