New food service works out kinks


Students wait to pay for lunch as freshmen Aliza Manayan and Hallie Williams enter their pins one at a time. New registers and keypads were introduced along with Sage Dining service this fall.

Jordan Russell, Senior Reporter

The new cafeteria service, Sage Dining, has created a variety of lunch options, but in the first few days has subjected eaters to long lines.

“The food is really good, it’s just very stressful when lunch starts,” junior Sophie Egan said. “I’ll be really hungry, but I won’t want to go down because I know there’ll be giant lines.”

The issue is not the access to the food, but instead, complications with the double sided registers prove to be the major problem, according to Food Service Director Richard Legge.  

“We’ve got two registers,” Legge said. “But what I’ve seen so far is when people try to [put] their numbers in at the same time the registers cancel the orders out.”

Some students, such as sophomore Bella Shea, have begun to think of alternative ways to handle the wait and ease the hectic hour.

“What I’ve been doing is having one friend go and wait in line,” Shea said. “Then I get my food and their food and [after] I go stand in line with them.”

As today marks the first day with all four divisions in session, Legge and fellow staff are looking for a solution.

“We’re working on the registers because the keypads are there and everybody should have their pin numbers to make the quickest way through,” Legge said. “Based on what happens today we will make [more] adjustments.”