Student tourists take tropical town


Ray O'Connor

While the Sophomore Class continues rotating through waterfall diving, ziplining and horseback riding activities, some students and a chaperone went to town for milkshakes, fresh coconuts, avocados and pineapple from local vendors.

As United States avocado prices can be over $1.75 each, shops in the Dominical region sell the fruit at 50 cents each, according to sophomore Worth Taylor.

“It surprises me how inexpensive everything is over here,” sophomore Worth Taylor said. “All the produce looked so fresh and delicious, too.”

Despite the town’s accessibility, student tourists also faced a language barrier as the country’s official language is Spanish.

I don’t know any Spanish at all so I had a little bit of a struggle,” Taylor said, “but the people were really nice about it all.”  

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Jordan Russell and Emily Kanellos contributed to reporting from Dominical, Costa Rica.