Lice outbreak addressed


Grace Ainslie

A junior gets her hair checked by a worker for Lice Patrol during B Period. Due to an outbreak of lice, all soft furniture on campus will be cleaned and Lice Patrol will return to campus later this month to re-check students.

Grace Ainslie, News Editor

WEB EXCLUSIVE A line of students extended into the Center this morning as the girls waited to get their hair checked for lice in Athletic Director Elena De Santis’ office. The school scheduled checks  after confirmation of multiple students with active cases of head lice.

“I was scratching my head and it got really itchy even though I don’t have lice,” sophomore Mira White said. “I was nervous throughout the line, because Costa Rica is coming up.”

The Sophomore Class leaves for the annual President’s Goal 4 Experience in Costa Rica on Friday and having lice is an extra unnecessary worry, according to White.

White wore her hair in a bun and put up her hood in hopes of preventing contracting lice. Many others wore their hair in buns or ponytails to avoid the pests.

Because the active cases were in the Freshman Class, head checks were mandatory for underclassmen but voluntary for upperclassmen.

“All the lice has to be combed out with a good lice comb and it’s a process,” Martina Mitchell, owner of Lice Patrol who did the lice check today, said. “You need to comb [your hair] every two to three days for a couple of weeks to make sure they are all gone. All kinds of hair products don’t work any more because the bugs are resistant to them.”

Lice cannot fly or jump. They spread via head-to-head contact, so students must not share hair brushes or hair ties. Students can go to places such as Lice Patrol, at 1355 35th Ave., or Hair Fairies, at 2238 Fillmore St., to undergo delousing processes.

“Because we are such a close community and we spend so much time together, it is important that we take care of each other and make sure that we find out now [who has lice].” Director of Student Life Devin DeMartini-Cooke said.