Language programs adopt new teaching resource


Kira Daley

Mr. Parra’s French 2 class competes on Quizlet Live to learn the French words for different kinds of chores. Quizlet Live is an interactive, team-based game of speed and accuracy.

Mason Cooney and Kira Daley

Some language teachers utilize a new interactive Quizlet website called Quizlet Live as a fun and engaging way for students to learn vocabulary.

“It’s like a game. I thought for a second that I would get all the answers wrong and it would be all embarrassing, but it’s actually really, really fun,” sophomore Sophie Egan said. “It makes me learn the vocab in French really well.”

The classroom game was launched in early April with the intention of incorporating fun competition with learning by dividing the students into teams as they rush to match words with their definitions or translations. The fastest team wins the game.

“This year both Ms. Wells and I are using it in our classrooms and find it’s a very good tool because students seem to really enjoy it and have fun with it,” French and Spanish teacher Pascal Parra said.

Quizlet designed the game to bring a new energy into the classroom, making the learning experience more memorable according to Sophia Bender Koning, the project manager for Quizlet’s web team.

“I like the intensity of it,” freshman Colette Hom said. “I get really competitive and I always find myself with my legs shaking.”.

Working in teams forces students to  practice communication and collaboration skills while learning, as opposed to Quizlet’s usual design of solitary study.

“I like how you get assigned a random team and you have to work together to do it well. It is very competitive but in a fun way,” Egan said.