French Club serves up goûter

Rebecca Lee

The smell of pastries wafted through the Main Hall and Marble Stairs as the French Club baked pain au chocolat.

“It’s the typical goûter  —a French snack— for after school,” said French Club moderator Françoise Thompson. “It can be bought or made from French bread and chocolate.”

Pain au chocolat is a croissant filled with chocolate. The French Club made them from the Pillsbury Crescents and Hershey’s chocolate.

“I wanted to choose an activity that was easy, quick and for many people,” said club head Juliet Charnas.

Club heads Charnas, Kristy Harty-Connell and Chloe Look sent e-mails to the French Club and Thompson announced the event in all French classes.

“We’re trying to involve more students,” said Thompson. “It’s not just for French students but anyone is allowed.”

French Club tries to have and activity at least once a month.

“It was very easy yet very tasty,” said sophomore Kristen Kennedy. “I like to eat and I’m interested in French culture and the language.”