Secret Santa stockings build anticipation for the holidays


Asha Khanna

Sophomore Activities Director Jilan Powers ties secret santa stockings to the marble stairs after school today. Students were advised to not spend over $5 per gift, although are allowed to if they choose.

Asha Khanna, Senior Reporter

Sophomore student council members lined the marble staircase with decorated stockings after school today in preparation for next week’s Secret Santa celebration.

“This year, instead of using bags, we are using stockings,” Sophomore Activities Director Jilan Powers said. “This way students can add their own personal touches and it’s more festive.”

Students were given time to personally decorate a stocking during yesterday’s advisory meetings. The stockings will be tied on the marble stairs to be filled with gifts throughout the week, according to Powers.

“I like the stockings much more than the bags that were used in past years because the stockings look nicer and cuter,” junior Claudia Bouchard said. “I also liked having the time and supplies to decorate them with my Paws, and it was a fun time for us to get creative and catch up after a long break of not seeing each other.”

The Secret Santa celebration will occur next week with a different theme for each day. Each student received an email yesterday with the name of a person in their grade who they will be giving gifts to, according to Powers.