Basketball tryouts bring athletes of varying ability to the court

Lisabelle Panossian, Web & Social Media Editor

Athletes dribbled basketballs up and down the gym floor as they were assessed by coaches during tryouts, some playing for years and some just beginning.

Tryouts consist of drills and team-building exercises that will allow coaches to gauge skill level and possible positions for the potential players, according to junior Gia Monachino.

“I am not nervous,” Monachino said about the tryouts. “I am confident in my skills, and the team is really nice and welcoming.”

Although there were recurring basketball players at tryouts, other athletes without similar experience were welcomed.

Junior Dorothea Wetmore, who has not participated in competitive basketball since sixth grade, stated that she elected to try out for the basketball team because she wanted to assist them in reaching success.

“Convent was really good at basketball in the past,” Wetmore said. “We should try to bring our basketball team back up to that legendary status.”

By placing athletes with varying experience in one tryout, coaches will be able to assess the dynamics of both the varsity and JV teams, according to Monachino.

“Be prepared to work hard,” Monachino said. “Don’t be nervous and try your best.”