PSAT enables viral Internet craze

Neely Metz, Copy Editor

Although students completed the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test yesterday, people who took the PSAT created a new internet sensation consisting of memes based on elements from the standardized test.

“They’re hilarious,” junior Logan Evans said. “As soon as I take the PSAT I always go on Instagram because of the #PSAT.

Memes, a humorous piece of text or imagery on the Internet that often conveys elements of popular culture, related to the test are emerging on many social media websites and applications such as Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter, and have been appearing consistently following the PSAT in the past few years with the popularization of the Internet trend.

The memes involve problems from the test that are particularly specific in characters or subject material, coming from all sections of the test, but particularly the English-based sections, according to sophomore Sarah Mahnke-Baum.

“I think they’re popular because they’re super relatable and people can laugh at something they dread,” Mahnke-Baum said.

Popular subject matter taken from the PSAT include the controversial poet Herminia, dogs and wolves in relation to eye contact with humans, a recently discovered horned dinosaur, and a math problem involving a character named Thad.  

The College Board, which provides the PSAT, prohibits students from talking about components of the test once they have completed it by making them copy a statement and signing their name on the answer sheet, but this has not halted the spread of the viral phenomenon.

“Everyone took the test on the same day,” Evans said. “I understand if they don’t want answers leaked, but no one seems to be saying answers and I don’t see it as new information for anyone.”


Source of pictures: @psatmeme