Schools gather at cathedral for Mass of the Holy Spirit

A shift in venue and the consolidation of all four schools to the Mass of the Holy Spirit and blessing of the school year aimed to encourage the idea of community.


Faculty and high school students line up for communion. Blessings were also offered to students who did not wish to receive communion.

Lisabelle Panossian, Web Editor

All four Schools of the Sacred Heart gathered under Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption’s roof to celebrate the new school year with the Mass of the Holy Spirit and a blessing.

“I think having this four-school makes the event a better experience,” Stuart Hall High School junior Max Depatie said about the Mass. “Before, we were all split up so it’s nice to all come together.”

The Mass last year took place at St. Vincent de Paul for only the high schools. The idea of gathering as a complete Schools of the Sacred Heart community encourages the concept of togetherness, according to junior Bella Kearney.

Logistics to the cathedral, however, were seen as problematic by a few students and faculty due to the fact that busses were only provided to the youngest elementary students as older students were required to walk the approximate 15 blocks.

“I do question the distance, I think a bus for the high school would be nice and appreciated,” teacher Marisa Orso said. “But, distance aside, I think the venue is beautiful.”

The cathedral was chosen as the venue for the mass to allow space for over 1,200 students, 200 employees, families and trustees, according to Head of Convent Elementary School Angela Taylor.

“This is an opportunity for us all to gather as a large community,” Taylor said. “And we’re pretty impressive.”