Interactive Dance Starts Mandarin Class

Mandarin teacher Yuhong Yao has students participate in a Chinese pop culture video to get students’ blood flowing before class begins.


AP Mandarin students face the television as they engage in the interactive dance video.

Catherine Dana and India Thieriot

It can be hard for students to get focused at the beginning of their last class of the day, but Mandarin teacher Yuhong Yao has a solution.

AP Mandarin students begin class by engaging in physical activity through interactive dance videos.

“You get all your energy out before stepping into the class and doing work,” sophomore Jillan Powers said.

The video is popular among high school students in China, according to Yuhong Yao.

“It gets us excited to take the class and it gets us excited about the culture,” sophomore Erika Wong said.

Energy is necessary when learning a language, according to Yao, who plans to continue this routine throughout the school year.

“Getting your blood flowing before class makes you think better,” junior Jordon Chin said. “It helps with process of learning.”