New exam dates align CSH and SHHS calendars

Illustration: Natalie Garnett

Illustration: Natalie Garnett

Katy Hallowell

Students have traditionally spent past holiday breaks cramming for the final exams facing them upon return to school in the New Year, but this year’s new exam schedule will allow students to finally enjoy their hard earned break.

Illustration: Natalie Garnett
Illustration: Natalie Garnett

Semester exams are taking place this week before Christmas Break to align CSH and SHHS schedules, accommodating coed classes, but the benefits are more than just corresponding calendars. Students will no longer be put in the disadvantageous position of having to return from break and recall details from nearly a month before.

While some students complain the new schedule has taken away from Christmas cheer, the halls are still decorated with garlands and Christmas music still plays in the center.

Christmas Break this year will serve its purpose — it will be a “break” for students who have worked hard for a semester. The holidays will once again be a chance to spend time with families and relax before returning to the rigors of the second semester. Seniors who are in the midst of applying to colleges will be able to focus their attention entirely on applications instead of balancing textbooks and Common Application supplements.

The New Year is the time to clean the slate. The new exam schedules will equip students to succeed by clearing stress and allowing them to start anew.

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