Get in shape with little to no equipment

Katy Hallowell

With yoga and pilates classes costing up to $45 for an hour-long session, staying in shape does not come cheap — unless you go back to basics.

You can really do exercises like circuits that combined with cardiovascular exercises can strengthen bones,” said Bernard, a trainer at 24 Hour Fitness on Van Ness Avenue who asked his last name not to be used.

Running lowers blood pressure — and runners live 20 percent longer than non-runners, according to a study by the New England Journal of Medicine.

The average runner burns 100 calories for every mile, according to The Fitness Motivator, a Web Site providing information about various forms of exercise.

Aside from its positive effects, running can be done anywhere — at home or on vacation for just the cost of a pair of running shoes.

Doing jumping jacks for a few minutes gets the heart going at a speed that prepares the body for a work out. Following up with a circuit of push-ups, squats and crunches is another form of cardiac workout that helps to enhance stamina.

It’s more fun sometimes doing things without equipment,” said junior Erin Minuth who practices the without a equipment twice a week with her tennis group. “The exercises we do are for our foot work and strengthening.”

Jumping rope is an inexpensive way to work out. Ropes costing as little as $1 provide equipment that can build a stronger heart healthier and beating faster.

“Working out at home is just so much easier because I’m really busy,” said junior India Pearce. “I do kind of mini-circuits at home, before I go to bed sometimes. It costs nothing, so it’s a good way to stay healthy.”

Creating at-home circuits that require just workout clothes and sneakers save the drive to the gym. With interchangeable and personalized circuits at home, it’s easier to find the work out that fits each individual.

“I constantly do basketball and rowing, but ways to keep in shape out of practice are important too,” said junior Nicole Hui. “Small workouts or circuits at home are a good addition.”