New club sheds light on environmental problems

Members initiate plans to protect Lake Tahoe


Nina Gutierrez

Teens for Tahoe Instagram posts junior Eliza Spaht’s profile highlighting her personal interests and her familiarity with Tahoe through the time she has spent there. Members of the club were encouraged to repost their own profile on their personal Instagram accounts.

Nina Gutierrez, Senior Reporter

To spread awareness amongst teenagers about Lake Tahoe Basin’s environmental issues, the Teens 4 Tahoe Club is planning future fundraisers.

“I want to inspire teens to get outside and help their community more often,” Spaht said. “My love for Tahoe and my concern for the environment led me to create T4T.”

Tahoe Fund is working with the school club to organize activities for teenagers to engage in promoting environmental awareness. 

“Eliza creating this club for her classmates is helping in many ways, “ Tahoe Fund founder Amy Barry said. “It helps us do the work we need to do today and for many generations to come.”

The club has met twice to discuss COVID-safe projects for members to complete over the summer and it is waiting to hear back from the Tahoe Fund Board to find out which projects are approved. 

“As a member, I believe an effective way of tackling climate change is by educating others,” senior Julia Chow said. “I am looking forward to brainstorming and implementing creative ways to spread environmental awareness. 

Teens for Tahoe is promoting their club and is encouraging students to join @teens4tahoe on Instagram. 

“We meet on Zoom every Tuesday at 6 p.m. to discuss future plans and goals for the club,” Spaht said. “Although we haven’t had many meetings yet, I am excited to see what we can accomplish in helping the world around us.”