Students gather for the first chapel of the school year


Cecilia McQuaid

Junior Lili Levy reads a quote from St. Madeline Sophie Barat at the first chapel of the year.

Grace O'Reilly, Reporter

Students and faculty assembled as one in the Mary Mardel, RSCJ Chapel for the first all-school meeting of the year. The focus of the chapel was to explore the 2019-2020 school year theme of heritage. 

“We chose the heritage theme as an introduction to the school year, and into our sacred space where we will be thinking about what heritage means to us,” Life Representative Gabi Guido said.

President Ann Marie Krejcarek shared examples of Convent’s heritage of excellence in academics and a deep commitment to spiritual development. She provided examples of former leaders of the Sacred Heart Schools to demonstrate the heritage of the school, including St. Rose Philippine Duchesne.

“Philippine thought the biggest impact she could have on the world was to train the mind and the heart of children so when they will become adults, they will impact the world,” Krejcarek said. “So it wasn’t just about being a good person, it was about being an effective person, having a well-trained intellect.”

 Krejcarek discussed the heritage of religion regardless of background and how faith is interconnected. She also talked about our school’s spiritual heritage and how to cultivate a rich inner life during the school year. 

“The talk Dr. Krejcarek made during chapel about heritage was inspiring to hear,” junior Kyra Torres said. “What she said about, ‘becoming the best you could be in doing what you want to do with your life’ is something I will always keep in mind.”

The speech visibly moved the students as they all sat in peaceful espacio to contemplate Krejcarek’s words. Many students later discussed what heritage meant to them.

“My version of heritage is about tradition and those practices that we take with us in our daily lives,” Guido said. “The school’s definition is based on our long history of being a Sacred Heart School and those same ideas that influence us as a school today.” 

The chapel ended in singing the school song Coeur de Jésus for the first time of the 2019-2020 school year. The next all-school chapel will take place on Sep. 6.