Lunch-ing into ‘Alumnae Status’


Gabi Guido

Seniors and members of the Sacred Heart alumnae network talk among themselves at the Alumnae Luncheon. During the luncheon, seniors were given sweets and gifts to welcome them into the network.

Gabi Guido, Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE With Commencement activities and Senior Week underway, the Alumnae Luncheon brought together alumnae and seniors to welcome the graduating class into the Sacred Heart alumnae network.

“I learned today that Convent & Stuart Hall have a very strong alumni network,” senior Anna Doggett said. “It will help you at any point in your life with anything you may need.”

The Alumnae Luncheon has been part of Convent tradition for over 25 years and connects departing students to Sacred Heart alumnae. During the luncheon, alumnae shared with seniors their experiences in all fields including professional career advice. 

“The lunch was very exciting,” senior Grace Boudreau said. “I think the lunch was also a good opportunity to share our thoughts and feedback on the school with the administration.”

In celebration of their introduction into the association and time at Convent, seniors were given pins and a passport. The passports give them access to the Mater Admirabilis painting held in Rome. Students were called up one by one to receive these gifts.

“I really enjoyed the calling of names,” Head of School Rachel Simpson said. “In some ways, it’s a preview event for Commencement.”

Students will receive their memorabilia once again when they get their Commencement diplomas on May 31.

“I loved this event,” Doggett said. “I thought it was great being able to spend time with our classmates and the special guests as a final celebration before we all graduate.”