Alumnae participate in college panel


Jemima Scott

Abby Newbold answers a question asked by College Counseling Director Rebecca Munda. Newbold and four other alumnae took part in the annual event.

Cassie Eskicioglu, Reporter

Five alumnae took part in a panel during a school-wide assembly today to share their college experiences and give general advice to students.

The panel was enjoyable for both the audience and the participants, according to panel member Audrey Brooke (’16), who attends the University of Southern California.

“It was nice to be able to reflect on college and give advice to everyone,” Brooke said.  

Despite being mainly geared toward the seniors, the event was beneficial for all students, according to junior Kelly Rosanelli.

“It definitely did [help],” Rosanelli said. “Hearing about somebody’s opinions and their ideas, that I never even thought about, was very intriguing.”

The annual Alumnae Panel is a long-standing tradition at Convent and is meant to help students better prepare for college, according to College Counseling Director Rebecca Munda.

“It benefits them [students] because they can see where they can go in their future and gives them something to aspire to,” Munda said. “Hopefully, we will expose them to different academic interests and possible careers and different colleges.”

The event also gives former students a chance to reconnect with friends and the Convent community, according to Brooke.

“I really liked being close to everyone in my community,” Brooke said. “It was such a great community. So I really miss that.”